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Botbuilders Review - Best Chatbot For Website And Facebook?

Any Business Can Drive Results Through These chatbots. You Can Now Generate Leads, Expand Your Sales, And Enhance Customer Service Using Our Bots.

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Botbuilders Provide You With Good Automated Chatbots That Deliver Results - Here is A Product Overview

Botbuilders Dashboard
  • Provides the best Instagram chatbot automation

  • Make your business profitable by creating recurring passive income.

  • Prove it works by providing statistics and proof.

  • Add email subscribers with a single click.

  • Sell automation via bots to other businesses that need automation to make money. 

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An Introduction To Building Bots

I was stunned at the immediate response I got from Grant Cardone when I replied to a comment he had made on facebook. His write up was so helpful to me and I just responded with a thank you and really learning a lot from you and in a few minutes, Grant Cardone was chatting with me. Was this really Grant Cardone?

The response was definitely human because the person on the other side was really having a conversation with me. I did not think much of this but I was excited I chatted with Grant Cardone and he told me what to do next and even made me an offer and sent it to my email. 

Little did I know that I had chatted with a bot. I realized this when I attended an event were a gentle man named Matt Leitz came to give a talk and he explained the breakthrough with what he had created and how he manages 2 clients Grant Cardone and Manychat. He created a bot for them.

Wow, I now understood the power of what he was talking about. Grant Cardone's bot was so good I thought I was chatting with a human. I have become so interested in learning and building bots as this is just the beginning of how businesses will evolve. 

Botbuilders Matt Lietz

Chatbots have become increasingly popular with Facebook Messenger having 1.5 billion active users each month, which makes it the most popular platform for bots.

Obviously, everyone wants to be able to support their customers where they are, and it has become evident that bots will be a huge part of marketing and sales in the future especially with the integration of Instagram to this technology. Bots may very well be just what you need if you're looking to change your life.

Bots are simple interactive experiences that help users achieve their goals, be it to learn something, get help, or make a purchase.

Bot messaging is a new form of internet marketing using conversational marketing and the power of automation for implementing bots to grow larger businesses, acquire potential clients and generate passive income.

Botbuilders course is a premium product and training course that teaches how to create messenger bots for affiliate marketing businesses, email marketing, and marketers in general.

You cannot go wrong with botbuilders who are the best chatbot creators globally as the idea of messaging bots will facilitate potential customers to make money online.

Bot messaging is a new form of internet marketing using conversational marketing and the power of automation for implementing bots to grow larger businesses, acquire potential clients and generate passive income.

People are amazed when they discover how many ways they can collect subscribers with chatbots.

With email, you have basically only one choice: an opt-in form. It is possible for bots to collect subscribers in a variety of ways, including clicking links, clicking buttons, commenting on a Facebook post, and scanning codes. Subscribers can be gained easily and each subscription is highly valuable.

It's really mind blowing when you consider that bot subscribers become email subscribers rapidly.

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Bots Give You Superpowers

Botbuilders Experience

They will make you more money. It is a guaranty if you deploy the right bots. As a business owner you need to be constantly aware of making money and how much time you can save. They build automated machines that generate millions with predictability. They don’t need pixels; they can retarget people in unlimited ways.

With bots you can approach the world’s top social media influencers on instagram with millions of followers to become your clients. You can help them turn their followers into real leads, they can build an email list and they can monetize effortlessly. These people don’t know how to extract their lists on instagram. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time with the right tools.

Misconceptions About Bots

There is no coding or experience required to use bots with manychat: They are fun.

They will not replace humans: You still need to close high ticket sales on the phone. Bots will filter out unwanted conversations and create more money conversations so people will want to do business with you.

This is not A.I: This technology creates awesome interactions using conversation marketing. Approximately 2 billion people use messenger every day. There is so much opportunity with this technology.

Reasons to Automate

  • You don’t need to be smart if you are early in a trend.

  • Automation beats manual labor every time

  • Automation is always a good investment. As a business owner you need to make investments. Automate it and let it run forever.  

  • You have 4 ways to communicate with people if you will deploy this technology. You can use messenger bot, email, text and retargeting on Facebook. And by the way this is all possible with one click optin. 

    They provide a better way of communication. The creators have also made it possible to run facebook ads directly into it as it gets people engaging with it because it is interactive and does proper follow up.

    It is a 2-way experience that is captivating. It sells for you. One small tweak can change everything. It is an unpaid workforce.

    To learn more about the power of this trend make sure you watch Matt’s training by clicking the learn more here button below. 

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    Botbuilders Automation

    What Bots Can Do for ANY Business

    • Generate Leads

    • Increase Sales

    • Improve Support

    Affiliate Marketing Bot

    • Omni-Channel Leads

    • Affiliate Commissions

    • Automates Follow-Up

    Amazon Selling Bot

    • Build A Buyer List

    • Launch & Sell Products

    • Automate Support

    Coaching/Consulting Bot

    • Get Client Leads

    • Books Sales Call

    • Fulfills Services

    eCommerce Bot

    • Lead Capture Quiz

    • Sells Cart Abandoners

    • Answers All FAQs

    Author/Influencer Bot

    • Grows Followers

    • Sells Product Online

    • Builds Real Relationship

    Local Business

    • Special Promotions

    • Loyalty Buyer Program

    • Special Birthday Offer

    Real Estate Bot

    • Buyer & Seller Leads

    • Negotiates Deals

    • Buyers Competing

    Author/Influencer Bot0

    • Grows Followers

    • Sells Product Online

    • Builds Real Relationship

    Automated Affiliate Marketing Bot

    Includes Amazon, Clickbank And JVzoo

    • Product Research Done

    • All flows 100% Pre-Built

    • Bots gets leads with quiz

    • Messenger + Text + Email

    • You get paid on every sale!

    • There are Pre-Loaded Products that pay commissions in the following categories.

      ·    Electronics and Gadgets

      ·    Toys and Games

      ·    Books and Ebooks

      ·    Home and Garden

      ·    Beauty and Makeup

      ·    E-marketing and E-comm

      ·    Business and Investing

      ·    Health and Fitness

      ·    Personal development

      ·    Software and Websites


      Amazon is the biggest market place in the world but it doesn’t generate a list for its users. These amazon bots are ninja. The challenge on Amazon is you don’t build a buyer list so what this bot does is it generates your list and increases your sales on Amazon with automated follow up.

      Chatbots on messenger platforms do work for any kind of business but 99% of all other bots out there are junk. There are bad bots and you need to make sure you are using good bots or you will encounter a lot of difficulties.

    5 Major Problems with 99% of Other Bots

  • Poorly positioned

  • This means they are trying to act real so Matt Leitz has solved this problem with creating characters.

  • Poor Conversation

  • With the characters also comes pre-programmed conversation logic. They can respond to anything that people throw at them intelligently using CPU (Conversation, Progression and Uniqueness). This truly is a game changer.

  • Don’t work with other systems

  • Not with Matt’s creation, they easily integrate with everything.

  • Not designed to make sales

  • Pre-built to make sales and even pre-loaded with proven products. Wow!

  • They don’t maximize Income

  • This is why the core flows was built. Check it out below.

    Botbuilders Training
  • Core Flows

  • ·    Lead Generation Quiz

    ·    Sales Follow-Up

    ·    Auto Segmenting

    ·    Engaging Entertainment

    ·    Viral Automation

    ·    Review Us on Facebook

    ·    Engagement Score

    ·    Facebook Boost

    ·    The “MasterFlow”

    ·    Lead Tracking  +100 More! Works for ANY Business

    Why You Need A Bot Now.

    ·    Zero Tech Skills needed

    ·    Works for any business type

    ·    Build bot, email and text list

    ·    High clicks and conversations

    ·    Dominate any product or niche

    ·    Create additional income stream

    Key Features and Botbuilders Pricing

  • 3 Ways to Have Access At Becoming A Botbuilder

  • Do-It-Yourself

  • Covers the basic of building a bot with access to 3 courses. It will take you hours and hours to learn and figure things out yourself but if you don’t have the time to figure things out yourself this is not the right choice for you. 

  • Done-For-You

  • The company customizes all the flows for your business. They give you the core bot and you only need to put in your business or company details specific to you. This is for successful businesses that want to take their business to the next level.

  • Do-It-Together

  • Get all the results with 99% of the work already done for you! You download the pre-built core bot in 3 clicks with step by step tutorials and thousands of hours of work already done for you. As a newbie this is the best place to start.

  • Pricing

  • Do-It-Yourself Program: $997

    Done-For-You: Starting @ $35000

    Do-It-Together: $1497

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    About the company

    Most Times the problem is the opportunity and this is the time to deploy bots in any business as stated by our CEO Matt Leitz, who has failed multiple times at other things until his focus was to provide legendary trainings, tools that will empower people to grow their businesses using automated machines that are capable of producing millions with predictabilty. 

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    Matt Leitz

    CEO of Product

    Entrepreneur Matt Leitz is an expert in business automation. Using automated chatbots, he helps numerous businesses across the world increase sales, marketing, and customer support. Matt Leitz is legit.


    Nic Frachon

    Co-Founder & Chief Bot Architect

    Nico Frachon is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago, with a Communication Studies background. Before discovering Chat Marketing, he worked as Deputy Press Secretary for the mayor of Austin.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will This Work For My Business?

  • This will work for any business. We use conversation marketing which happens to be very important to making sales and providing services. Go with the best chatbot platform for the best click-through rates for your campaigns.

  • How Long Will It Take Me To Get Started?

  • You can be set up in a few hours of having access as everything is delivered to you step by step. It depends on how fast you want to have this start working for you. 

  • Will There Be Someone To Help Me When I Am Stuck? 

  • We pride ourselves in legendary support. When you need help we are there! We understand that this is new and we will help you in this journey that will change your life and business.

    Final Verdict!

    You can benefit from having a bot if you already have a business by getting more leads, more sales and working less. If you are also looking for something new that will give you a business, immediately from home and very profitable you need to have this!

    With Matt Leitz bots you will learn how to finally get in front of technology and stop being left behind. He and his team have simplified the process and any newbie can learn to effectively utilize bots to bring in sales 24/7.

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  • I built this website using Groove funnels. It is a complete business hub. To get A free Groove account Click the button below and check out my groove bot.

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