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Augusta Gold IRA Reviews | Best Gold IRA Custodians

Augusta gold and silver IRA provides services to customers in choosing the right partner who guides them to determine which IRA offers the best long-term protection of wealth

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An Introduction To Augusta Gold

Augusta gold provides services that allow customers to choose the right partner who guides them to determine which IRA offers the best long-term protection of wealth. They provide:

Educators with Harvard training.

Exceptional transparency, zero complaints, and award-winning.

Gold and also silver web conferences are provided.

With Thousands of excellent reviews and Joe Montana, you can’t go wrong.

The Company Overall Rating:


A+ BBB Rating

TrustLink reviews score an average of 4.9/5

The specialized divisions at Augusta Precious Metals, which are manned by knowledgeable and experienced individuals, make it easier to establish gold and silver IRAs. The company sends a personal representative to each customer.

Additionally, the company includes teams that handle IRA processing and economic analytics. The order desk is yet another essential component of the company. These teams are more cost-effective since they work directly with customers, which benefits both the company and the customers.

Some of the most common coins...

Gold 1

St. Helena Gold Sovereign

Gold 2

American Eagle Gold Coin 1oz

Gold 3

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin 2017 1oz

Gold 4

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin 1oz

Augusta Gold IRA Pros & Cons

For its gold IRA investment services, the precious metals company offers the following pros and cons:


Consistent 5-star reviews and exceptional customer service

The company has not recorded any complaints since its founding.

Gold IRA accounts can be opened easily, quickly, and in a transparent manner.

The customer and corporate ambassador of Augusta is Joe Montana.

A Harvard-trained director of education will review and discuss your gold or silver portfolios online for free.


While the process is more thorough and transparent than other companies, it takes a bit longer overall.

Only gold or silver bullion is provided; no platinum or palladium.

Augusta Products & Services Offerings

Precious metals investors seeking proper education, professional guidance, and the utmost transparency have consistently found Augusta to be the best IRA company. This has resulted in the company enjoying a high level of repeat business and referrals, further strengthening its long-term relationship with clients.

Known as “guardians” in the gold IRA industry, this company is well known for providing clients with detailed information about gold IRAs. Augusta provides its clients with a series of videos titled, “Bad Reasons to Buy Gold”, which help them avoid common pitfalls when purchasing a gold-backed IRA.

Working with a trustworthy retirement investment company like this one is beneficial for retirement savers who want precious metal investments like gold or silver to secure their financial futures.

Gold IRA or silver IRA services are provided by A.P.M, a family-owned company. A retirement gold expert with over fifty years of experience, the company is completely committed to helping clients make better gold in IRA investments and retirement savings decisions.

With a service focus, Augusta operates with a direct engagement model with investors, so they can grow their wealth using silver or gold IRAs as a way to protect their retirement plans.

  • In addition to having an A+ rating from the BBB and a Business Consumer Alliance AAA rating, the company has earned its reputation for excellence. Additionally, the company has diligently participated in further industry associations and provided valuable expertise.

    Augusta has received numerous positive reviews on social media sites such as Facebook for its industrial performance, which received 5 points out of five trust TrustLink ratings. The objective of this Augusta gold Ira review is to help readers understand what to expect when investing with Augusta Company and how to make a logical investment decision for retirement.

    Augusta Is Most Trusted Gold IRA Company

    Why is Augusta Precious Metals unique?

    Being a part of the community that has been so supportive of us is something we at Augusta Precious Metals regard to be an honor. We put a lot of effort into offering the greatest customer service and product options in the market.

    Being a family-owned business, we take pride in the fact that every transaction is handled with honesty and integrity. We are committed to giving our customers the best deals possible on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion products available on the market.

    Because we buy bullion directly from refiners rather than from large banks and credit unions, we can pass those savings through to our customers. When purchasing or selling precious metals, our professional staff is there for you at every stage.

    We have been in the business for almost 30 years and have seen it all. They can help you find exactly what you need, whether you want to sell some old jewelry or buy some shiny new coins to start your investing portfolio with.

  • FREE Gold IRA Guide

    To learn everything there is to know about the Augusta Gold IRA, get the Gold IRA Guide.

    Free Guide

    What are your concerns regarding your retirement income in light of the current economic conditions?

    When it comes to generating income during retirement, do you worry that you may have only one source of income?

    The company will allay your fears and ensure you are provided with a trustworthy solution if you answer yes to either of these questions.

    A pioneer in the gold or silver IRA market with specialized knowledge and foresight, this company is a market leader.

    Americans have received sufficient information from this company, providing a clear picture of what is happening in the economy as well as what to expect from long-term holdings of physical silver or gold IRAs. The company is committed to helping American investors fortify their precious metal IRA accounts with assurance and peace of mind.

    The hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana was one of A.P.Ms’ clients. His advisors had specifically requested finding the most competent and committed retirement asset advisor, and Augusta came out on top after a considerable vetting process. They are pleased to have Joe as one of the company’s corporate ambassadors, beyond his participation in Augusta’s custom web conferences.

    Silver or Gold IRA investments are based on purchasing physical and tangible precious metals and not paper assets, such as stocks. It is important to note that precious metal IRAs have superior tax benefits.

    Precious metal IRAs are preferred due to their price stability. Under difficult economic conditions, the prices of paper stocks and bonds can easily reach zero. Bonds with default risk are also more expensive.

    IRAs that hold precious metals are usually assured to always trade positively, despite economic conditions that have been tough in recent years.

    Augusta assists customers to diversify their retirement accounts through gold IRAs or silver IRAs due to the safety found in commercial purchases and holding of precious metals. In retirement portfolios, precious metals IRAs can compensate for the losses suffered in other asset classes by providing a significant value buffer.

    Since its founding in 2000, Augusta Gold has become known for its highly-trained agents educating investors about the economy, as it relates to purchasing gold or silver. In the work of the Augusta team, consumers are able to achieve financial independence through diversifying their portfolios with precious metals.

    You can learn more about the company’s bullion investment services in the following section of this Augusta Gold Review. In addition to providing answers to frequently asked questions, we endeavor to help you decide if precious metals IRAs are a good investment strategy.

    Augusta Fees

    A precious metals IRA account costs $50 to open. You will also have to pay the following annual fees:

    For accounts up to $100,000, there is a $75 yearly administration fee.

    For accounts worth more than $100,000, there is a $125 yearly administration fee.

    The annual custodian fee is $125.

    Fees for depository storage are not included. For a current fee schedule, please contact a company representative.

    About Augusta

    Company named Augusta Precious Metals

    Investment minimum: $50,000

    The amount invested determines whether fees are waived

    According to A.P.Ms Company, they are “Your Premiere Gold IRA Company.” These companies provide a variety of alternative assets that may be helpful to retirement savers who want to grow or preserve their nest egg through physical gold coins or silver coins and bars.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will Augusta Precious Metals store my gold?

  • This company collaborates with high-security, non-government, fully insured storage facilities located in Los Angeles, California. New Castle, Delaware. Jackson, Ohio. Springfield Gardens, New York. Salt Lake City, Utah. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Wilmington, Delaware.

  • How much does it cost to open a gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals?

  • The company charges $50 to open a gold IRA, but investors must have at least $50,000 in savings.

  • What variety of gold or silver is sold by Augusta Precious Metals?

  • From bullion coins and bars to premium coins, Augusta sells all forms of gold coins and silver coins.

    Summary on Augusta

    Precious metals purchased through Augusta are purchased with efficiency and transparency. Furthermore, the firm’s professional guidance is offered from the very beginning of the investment plan, well before the purchase is made. Augusta, for example, helps American retirees make solid financial decisions by providing valuable economic information.

    Consumer education is Augusta’s focus beyond the transaction between client and company. Professional services are generally provided throughout the duration of an IRA account. Moreover, Augusta has clear procedures for guiding clients in buying gold or silver from the company. Thus, the process of buying gold or silver in an IRA or outside of an IRA is easy, fast, and transparent.

    By offering a dedicated team of experts to guide consumers through the entire investment process, Augusta’s proprietary conduct brings greater confidence to clients with their precious metal purchases.

    Why Invest In Augusta Gold Or Silver?

    It’s probably best to invest in gold or silver, which won’t lose value. People consider them safe investments because of this reason. As a result, Silver or Gold IRAs offer a greater level of risk diversification than company stocks, another common alternative.

    Precious metal prices are influenced by different factors than those affecting paper assets. For instance, the price of precious metals has increased when the price of paper assets has declined. A historical chart compiled by Augusta demonstrates that precious metals prices have risen during economic crises similar to or worse than the current one.

    In contrast to investments in the stock market, precious metals do not pay dividends to their owners. The fact remains that precious metals are hard assets that offer tremendous diversification potential, and this is especially true when other parts of the economy are struggling.

    Silver and gold are great investments to diversify retirement assets when other asset classes are experiencing declines or are not returning good returns. By counteracting declines in other investments in an investor’s portfolio, precious metals can preserve significant wealth.

    Our Overall Rating

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